Muse plan galactic gig


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The Cardigans might have released an album called 'The First Band On The Moon' in 1996, but Muse hope to come closer than they ever did by playing a show in Space.

It might not happen in the near future, but the band hope to someday play a zero gravity song to match their many space-themed tracks including 'Neutron Star Collision' and 'Supermassive Black Hole'.

'We've had some discussions about playing in space,' singer Matt Bellamy told The Sun. 'Sometimes very coherent conversations and sometimes very late at night, but it's for real.

''m thinking of approaching Richard Branson to see if we could do it on his spacecraft he's got happening.

'Although we do have a lot of equipment, so I guess we'd have to use pods to carry our stuff and we'd scale back the shows a lot.'

Muse wrap up their world tour in Brazil in April. After that they can start planning their celestial tour, but don't expect it to happen anytime soon.

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