Kimberley Walsh is too 'laid-back' to get married


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The Girls Aloud beauty ' who has been with boyfriend Justin Scott for six years ' admits she is ready to walk down the aisle but neither she nor her partner are organised enough to plan their nuptials.

She said: ' think we've both been ready to get married for a while, we're both just too laid-back to bother actually doing it. We will get round to it.'

Though she is ready to get married, Kimberley is in no hurry to start a family with Justin in the near future.

She told Britain's more! magazine: ''m always a bit broody. But I'm not ready to have kids myself. I should probably get the record straight that I'm not going to be doing it any time soon.'

Kimberley admits she always saw herself married with children before she was 30, and though it hasn't happened yet, she isn't disappointed because her career has been so fulfilling.

She added: ' think everybody when they're younger thinks they'll be married with kids when they're 30, but then it's here and you think, 'Oh actually, it's fine.' I never dreamed I'd achieve so much.'

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